Find Out Why Sapphires Are The Hot New Alternative to Diamonds for Engagement Rings


Diamond engagement rings can be simply beautiful. They sparkle. They shine. They oooze with romance. But that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. For you trailblazers out there (you know who you are!) who want something different from the traditional, consider the Blue Sapphire.

Isn’t she a beauty? That deep blue hue is to die for. Plus it goes with just about everything. Wear it to your next gala event or your neighborhood block party. It’s perfect for every and any occasion.

The trend of choosing blue sapphire engagement rings has been gaining traction for quite some time now. While the masses opt for a diamond engagement ring, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone in your more unique taste. Crazy-beautiful model turned actress, and consummate trendsetter, Cara Delevingne, was spotted recently with a blue sapphire engagement ring. She and her girlfriend Annie Clark (otherwise known as the uber-talented indie musician St. Vincent) were sporting matching rings at a New York Fashion Week runway show. Hey, if it’s good enough for Cara and St. Vincent…it’s good enough for us!

Of course, sapphires aren’t just for the indie cool kids. Sapphires’ stock has been rising ever since Kate Middleton flashed her beautiful heirloom sapphire engagement ring and announced that she was engaged to Prince William (proving to girls everywhere that fairytales really can come true). Since then, Princess Catherine has given us countless stylish moments in which her blue bling is the perfect accessory. Most recently, she was spotted at the Rugby World Cup wearing her royal blue coat to match her beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring – proving she’s the real winner.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional diamond , look no further. Sapphires are amazing gems! Check out our engagement ring gallery for photos from brides just like you that have opted for a beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring.

Cover photo by Branco Prata