How to Plan a Marriage Proposal That Beats Any RomCom Movie

When it comes to marriage proposals, the world we live in is a lot different from the world our parents grew up in. Marriage proposals are rarely a surprise these days. Oftentimes, partners are on solid footing with each other for years before they decide to get hitched.

But guys … even if your future fiancé knows you are going to propose, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some effort in to it! The moment you propose to your lady only comes once. You’ve got one shot to make it special. Even if you already know the answer is “Yes!” this is a chance to show your lady just how much she means to you.

Odds are your gal watches a lot of romantic comedies. Is it because they’re “just fun” like she tells you? Here’s a hint: No. Deep down, she wishes real life were really like that. Here are 4 ideas for passionate, creative marriage proposals that beat any romantic comedy!

1. Scavenger Hunt

Plan with one of your girlfriend’s friends or family members and have them take her on an outing to a spot that is important in your relationship. Leave a note there talking about why the place is important and reminiscing on romantic memories. Leave a clue to another location and have her go there. There she will find another note on so on. At the end, lead her to a romantic place where you propose.

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2. Livestream It

If you’ve had social obstacles in your relationship, nothing sends a message like proposing publicly. Livestream the moment online in front of all your friends and family.

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Annie Vandermydel

3. Keepsake Album

Make an album with photos and keepsakes recording the story of your relationship. Give it as a gift to your partner, and write on the last page, “Will you marry me?” Maybe leave some blank pages afterward to chronicle the next steps you take together!

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Heather Goodman

4. Romantic Location

Tried and true, you can’t beat this for simplicity and effectiveness. Propose on the beach, or at a dramatic spot at the end of a hike, or in an upscale hotel room. Doing this on vacation works really well, since you can easily conceal your proposal plans within the vacation plans. This makes it much easier to actually surprise her.

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There are pros and cons to every idea, but the most important thing is that you are putting a lot of thought and effort into how you propose. Take your partner’s personality into account. Think about the story she’ll want to tell her friends and family again and again over the years to come—and then create that story through your proposal!

Cover photo: Tori Watson