What Decade does your Engagement Ring (and you) Belong To?


Much like fashion, engagement ring trends change with time. Each generation has its favorite ring of choice. What decade does your engagement ring fit into?


In the 1920’s, Art Deco rings were wildly popular. This era of rings is distinguishable by the geometric designs and complementary symmetry. Scarlett Johansson proudly adorns her finger with an Art Deco styled ring.

pear_vintage_diamond_engagement_ring_marissalambertphotographyMarissa Lambert


The 30’s were all about Round diamond shapes set in platinum. Actress Allison Williams has a ring in this style.

RYALE_Rings-033_instagramRebecca Yale


In the 40’s, floral shaped rings gained quick momentum. Everyone seemed to love the organic, nature like designs. To this day, we still have a natural adoration of these vintage floral designs. Miley Cyrus has a gold floral ring.

sawyerbaird-02_instagramSawyer Baird


In 1947 DeBeers introduces the infamous “A Diamond is Forever” campaign.

de-beers-classic-diamond-is-forever-adGetty Images


The 50’s fell in love with white gold and ornately decorated rings. The more intricate the better. Ring finger coverage was highly swoonable during this time.

meganwphoto-a784ab75f42fc3802e6eae069858c08a_instagramMegan W Photography


In the 60’s, colored gemstones quickly gained popularity. Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds were the favorite alternative choices to diamonds. Duchess Kate Middleton wears Princess Diana’s heirloom Oval Sapphire. (It’s gorgeous, btw.)

Tec_Petaja_Screen_shot_2015-02-20_at_3.55.19_PM_instagramTec Petaja


In the 70’s, emerald shaped diamonds came into fashion. Audrey Hepburn popularized this in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Anglina Jolie, Beyonce and Amal Clooney are a few of the many with this ring shape.

amy_demos_jordan_demos-40_instagramAmy and Jordan Demos


The 80’s quickly saw pear shaped diamonds come into style. The most popular way to wear these diamonds was in yellow gold.

@alixann_loosle_photography_instagramAlix Ann Loosle


Marquise diamonds were all the rage in the 90’s. Catherine Zeta Jones lovingly wears a Marquise shaped diamond ring.
amy_demos_jordan_demos-45_instagramAmy and Jordan Demos


Beginning in the 00’s, three stone rings became frequently seen. The trinity of stones represent the past, present and future.
byronlovesfawnphotography-03_instagramByron Loves Fawn Photography


Bringing us to current day, Cushion shaped diamonds with halos are a popular choice. Soft, romantic and delicate, this shape holds a soft spot for the current day bride. Amy Adams and Jessica Alba both adorn their fingers with this type of ring.

sarahasstedt-ashley-adam-007-_01.19.15_Ashley_&_Adam_|_Beaver_Creek_Wedding_instagramSarah Hasstedt

So, which era does your dream engagement ring belong to?