3 Timeless Ring Styles That Never Go Out of Style


Every generation has its engagement ring of choice. In the 70’s, asscher shaped diamonds were wildly popular. This was replaced in the 80’s by pear shaped diamonds. Then in the 90s, marquise diamonds were all the rage. Sure, trends come and go. But what ring styles remain timeless? Here are three types of ring styles that will never date themselves.

1. Round Solitaire

Classic and timeless, the round solitaire has been a staple engagement ring choice for generations. All for good reason, too. Round diamonds reflect the most light of all the diamond shapes. (Translation: they are shiny and great value.) The clean lines created with a solitaire setting reflect a timeless style. You can never go wrong with the beauty of a round solitaire engagement ring. The solitaire in white or yellow gold has always been every girl’s best friend.


2. Romantic Cushion

Originally known by the name “old mine”, cushion cut diamonds were one of the earliest diamond shapes to be created. The cushion has always been loved and will always hold a special place in diamond cutting history. This shape won’t be going away for a long time. Cushion rings are perfect for the romantic bride that likes delicate settings with a touch of pave. It’s the perfect blend of intricacy and bling.


3. Emerald Diamond

The clean lines of an emerald shape diamond make it unforgettable. The huge step-like facets are loveable to all. This was the type of ring that Audrey Hepburn pines after in Breakfast at Tiffany. If it’s good enough for Hepburn, it’s good enough for us. (Wink wink.) It’s hard not to love the emerald shape.