We Dare You Not To Buy These Wedding Engagement Ring Halos

Go ahead, we dare you! It’s no secret, we at Reverie, love halos on engagement rings. We’re all about bling and this chunky detail feeds our shine addiction. So if you’re anything like us, you’d agree that halos provide a unique look to engagement rings that accentuates the design. When done right, they’re a simple touch of gorgeousness. They add character, flair and definitely catch eyeballs.

Here are some of our favorite engagement ring halos. We dare you to not fall in love with at least one of these! Tell us which ones are your favorites and happy pinning! Don’t forget you can always find more inspiration on the Reverie Engagement Ring Registry Gallery. What’s an Engagement Ring Registry you ask? Good question, click the link to watch our explainer video! Enjoy the collection we’ve curated and happy pinning!

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