21 Insanely Gorgeous Rose Gold Wedding Engagement Rings


It’s no secret—a rose gold engagement ring can make women swoon. We absolutely adore them. Pretty in pink, yes please! These warm tones and rosy hues somehow get us every time. Rose gold encapsulates everything we dream of when we think of that oh-so-perfect fairytale wedding ring.

We’ve gathered up some of our favorite rose gold wedding engagement rings. Grouped them into 7 different ways to wear it, so you can’t go wrong. If you’re anything like us, then you’re totally going to fall hard for these. Be sure to look at our gallery for even more rose gold inspiration. Don’t forget, we created an engagement ring registry so you can share your favorites with your darling. It’s an easier way to give him that loving hint (or nudge in the right direction!).

1. Make it Ornate

Rose gold makes your ring details and decor shine! Why? The soft hues of rose gold create contrast, which in turn makes the diamond and design stand out.


2. Pair it with a Pink Colored Diamond

What better way to accentuate the romantic rose gold tones with more pink! Colored diamonds and rose gold are natural friends.



3. Add a Halo

Thinking about a chunky pave encrusted halo with your rose gold. Yes, why not!




4. Mix Your Metals

Mixing white gold or platinum into your rose gold design create stunning results. The combined impact is to die for.




5. Accent with an Openwork Setting

Openwork and pierced setting styles can be simply amazing in rose gold.




6. Go for a Unique Centerstone

Take it up a level. Make your rose gold ring stand out from the crowd even more with a unique centerstone like a marquise diamond or alternative stone.




7. Don’t Forget Your Wedding Band

Lastly, don’t forget your wedding band. The continuity of a matching set can be divine. (Or perhaps you weren’t courageous enough to go rose gold in the engagement ring…well, there’s always your wedding band!)




Hope this provides some inspiration for your Rose Gold wedding ring journey! Let us know how it goes.

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