6 Amazing Reasons To Choose A Rose Gold Ring

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There is nothing quite like the warm blush of rose gold engagement rings. A world of fairytale romance seems to reflect inside its rosy hues. Ladies, I know that yellow gold is the more traditional choice, but there are so many reasons to consider rose gold for your engagement ring!  Here are 6 you don’t want to overlook!

1. Enchantingly Romantic

Rose gold is aglow with romance! Wearing rose gold makes you feel like a princess in a fairytale. The warm tones evoke the muted brushstrokes of sunset and the soft sweetness of roses. What better way to celebrate finding your very own Prince Charming?

rose_gold_vintage_oval_diamond_engagement_ringChristina McNeil

2. Affordable

Rose gold is actually an alloy of gold and copper, making rose gold more affordable. This is a bonus for your beau’s wallet if he happens to be on a budget. It also means more money to spend on the rock!

rose_gold_mixed_metals_pear_diamond_engagement_ringMilo + Olin

3. Durability

Thanks to the copper content, rose gold is a durable alloy. Copper is not only less expensive than gold, it is also harder and more durable. Gold scratches easily, but rose gold will stand up to a lot more wear and tear. This makes it a better choice for everyday wear.

contemporary rose gold halo pear diamond engagement ringBrooke Images

4. Complementary Tones

Rose gold can look wonderful on anyone, but it is absolutely mesmerizing on a woman with autumn skin tones! The reddish tint of rose gold makes it a perfect match. If you have an autumn palette, you have a coppery warmth in your skin. Rose gold can bring out that inner glow, showcasing your features at their finest.

alternative rose gold pearl engagement ringAnouschka Rokebrand

5. Perfect Gemstone Match

Rose gold makes a lovely accompaniment to gemstones which are pink, gold, or have other warm hues—this can even include colored diamonds. It’s the perfect match to any gemstone.

pink red colored diamond rose gold engagement ringSarah Hasstedt

6. Vintage Style

Rose gold’s romantic appeal gives it a bit of vintage flair which can work wonderfully with a matching style.

contemporary pink colored diamond rose gold ornate setting engagement ringSawyer Baird

For a Whimsical, Romantic Ring, Choose Rose Gold!

Rose gold may not be the most traditional or popular choice for an engagement ring, but that just adds to its appeal! Your rose gold engagement ring will be unique, and you will soon be the envy of all your friends. Rose gold is the perfect way to announce to the world that you have found your prince and are about to embark on your fairytale life together.