5 Tips To Taking The Perfect Ring Selfie


You can’t believe your lucky stars. Your special day finally arrived. The man of your dreams dropped to one knee, uttered four words, and your life was changed forever. Will you marry me.

Now onto the fun part—announcing your engagement! Wouldn’t we all be kidding if we didn’t say a ring selfie was top of mind! Do it in fashion. Here are five tips to make your ring selfie perfect.

1. Get your nails did.

A great excuse to treat yourself to a manipedi, ladies! Don’t let chipped nail polish or strange cuticles detract from your new lovely engagement ring. Moisturize for the perfect hands. Bonus points also if you pick a nail polish color that makes your ring pop.

jagjaguar 13116565_493380477517161_420487459_n

styledbykate_ 13525388_484853775044607_363682701_n

heyitsyenn 13258983_1243373472354389_365647638_n

jagjaguar, styledbykate, heyitsyenn

2. Choose the perfect background.

Find a clean background that doesn’t distract from the main focus…your ring! Picture perfect blue skies (rings in the air, ladies!), calm rolling ocean waves (rings in the beach, ladies!), or just about anything nature related work beautifully. If you want to take it a step further, choose a background that is meaningful. Did he propose in a meadow…why not a ring selfie in a grassy, lush field.

www.shapirodiamonds.com 13402649_599758126850884_1292595619_n


hollysywong 13117991_947758742011436_1703438394_n

shapirodiamonds, ringselfies, hollysywong

3. Get the right lighting.

Make your ring selfie shine with the best lighting. Contrary to what you might think, pick a non-sunny area. Full shade or times close to sunset/sunrise allow for photos that don’t have harsh shadows. Those nasty shadows make your ring look smaller. So find a shady spot.

jenhuangphoto 13129187_1744465492502603_1958695653_n

katiegrantphoto 13551850_1571331669827231_34396283_n

marilyn.yevette 13414306_1168296706548883_184399646_n

jenhuangphoto, katiegrantphoto, marilyn.yevette

4. Clean your ring. (Duh 🙂

This goes without saying, but we said it anyways. If you’re anything like us, you’re so excited that your left ring finger is no longer naked, that you’re obsessed with making sure it’s clean. Lol, we even bought a specific ring cleaning brush. If you don’t have one yet, you can always resort to a toothbrush.


ohsoperfectproposal 13694333_1626058551041466_390303058_n

ringselfies 12725105_568816793294498_49201222_n

ringselfies, ohsoperfectproposal, ringselfies

5. Include your partner.

Celebrate with your main squeeze. Give him some love in your ring selfie and showcase his excitement in the background.

ringselfies 13707348_917703345025811_1095509489_n

nmb_photographs 12547743_818885261590600_1459429720_n

brookeschaef 13741188_1250950281581775_3459920_n

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And when you’re done, don’t forget to share it! Tag us on Instagram or send us a note to have it featured in our gallery of ring seflies. We can’t get enough of them. Certainly send more our way!