5 Ring Shopping Tips Jewelers Don’t Want You to Know


Getting ready to shop for an engagement ring? We know, guys—this can be a daunting task. You’ve done your research and learned the four C’s, but what else do you need to know? Here are five tips jewelers don’t want you to know—tips that are going to save you money and help you make the best choice!

1. Avoid Critical Weights

If you can avoid round numbers in carats, you can save a lot of money—and looking at the ring, no one will know the difference. Don’t spend hundreds of extra dollars to get 2.00 carat when 1.95 will do!

diamond_engagement_ringAmy & Jordan Demos

2. Summer Discounts (Hurrah!)

Even though a lot of people get married in the summer, they get engaged earlier in the year. That means that most folks do their ring shopping outside the summer months. For this reason, you can often snag some sweet discounts if you shop during the summer season.

diamond engagement ring selfie

3. Go For 14K Gold

You might think 18K gold is better than 14K gold because it’s purer, right? But you are actually better off with 14K gold. It will cost a little less and it will be significantly more durable, which makes it a better choice for the longevity of the ring.

14k gold solitaire round diamond engagement ringTroy Grover Photography

4. Warm Colors Can Be Your Friend

Diamond colors are rated using letters. D-F diamonds are closest to colorless, while G-J diamonds are slightly yellow. It is very hard to tell “F” from “G,” and most people won’t see the difference, but “G” will cost you a lot less than “F.” So stick with a “G” diamond if you’re strapped for cash. Similarly, if you buy a diamond which is rated as SI1 (slightly included), it will cost less than one with top-notch clarity—but the difference is hardly perceptible to the eye.

oval engagement ringKati Mallory Photography

5. Consider Custom

You may think that a custom ring will cost you an arm and a leg, but there are some surprisingly good deals out there. Why go with a major brand name and a mass-produced ring? Your love is one of a kind, and the engagement ring should be too.

pink red colored diamond rose gold engagement ringKayla Barker

All set and ready to shop!

You now should be all set to make some smart choices while you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring. Save money where you can without compromising on quality, and you can afford better craftsmanship and a more beautiful ring!