5 (Great!) Reasons You Should Consider A Gold Ring


Gold engagement rings are making a comeback. Heck, my love, let us rephrase that. They’ve already made a comeback. Gold is the new black. We’ve re-discovered gold’s wondrous sheen and loveable shine…and we are obsessed! Here are 5 reasons why we just can’t seem to get enough of gold engagement rings.

1. It’s classic.

Let’s face it. Gold oozes of class and style. It’s hard to not to love. Think of some of the most beautiful things in the world, there are usually traces of gold in it. The top designers use it incessantly. Famous stylists swear by it. Hey, even Apple has introduced gold into its laptop lineups. We have a history of love for gold.


2. Totally versatile.

The warm tones of yellow gold complement any skin tone. Soft and subtle, it’s a choice that fits anyone. We’d be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t like the feel of gold on their skin. Gold is a versatile metal that is comfortable to wear and pleasing to the eye.


3. Has all the Glitz and Glam.

Gold rings have a gorgeous luster that no one can deny. Feeling a like you want a little more glitz and glam in your life? Gold is an excellent choice. Even on routine days, you feel a little more jazzed up when you slip a gold ring on your finger.


4. We love the retro feel.

Gold rings have a nostalgic retro feel. Although gold has always been popular, it was insanely popular in the 70’s. Well, the 70’s style is coming back hard. Shag rugs. Layered hairstyles. Organic lifestyles. Gold brings back the warm and fuzzies.


5. The unique factor.

Let’s face it. Platinum and white gold engagement rings are everywhere. Dare to be different! Stand out in the sea of white rings with a gorgeous gold ring. Your engagement ring should be uniquely yours. Gold is a way to help distinguish it.

There you have it. Just a handful of reasons why gold is beautiful for an engagement ring. So in your quest to find the dream ring, be sure to consider gold.