4 Fairytale Inspiration Engagement Rings You Must See


You grew up watching Disney movies and reading fairytales. You dreamed of meeting your very own Prince Charming since you were a little girl. And now you’ve finally found him—and you’re pretty sure he’s going to ask you to tie the knot! But you can’t have your perfect fairytale wedding without the perfect fairytale engagement ring. Looking for inspiration? Here are 4 gorgeous fairytale rings that will leave you swooning!

1. Elegance in White Gold

dream white gold engagement ring Sarah Kate

Graceful swirls of white gold are encrusted with a sparkling cascade of tiny diamonds. The open, airy design of this ring is captivating—the design is large, but in no way overwhelming. In fact, this would be a particularly good design for short fingers, since the elongated shape of the ring can make the wearer’s appear longer.

2. Fit for a Princess

dream yellow gold engagement ring Bethanne Arthur

While diamond is the “traditional” choice for engagement rings, sometimes a splash of color can add some beautiful old-world flair. Notice the striking contrast between the warm yellow gold setting and the cool glamour of the central gemstone. Diamond accents add a refined sparkle fit for a royal finger.

3. Rose Gold Fairytale

rose gold engagement ring Cristina G Photo

This beautiful, ornate rose gold setting is breathtaking from any angle, even the side. The warm coppery tone of the rose gold is evocative of sunset, and the design gives an impression of leaves. These unique flourishes have an air of delicacy which gives this ring an even more magical appearance.

4. Fantasy Swirls

artistic engagement ring M + J Photos

This is perhaps one of the most captivating and dynamic engagement rings you will ever see. The elegant swirls of the wide band are like curling tides of metal sweeping over diamond pearls. This ring would be a fitting choice for any fantasy queen.

As you can see, there are many gorgeous choices for a fairytale engagement ring. No matter your personal style, you will find a ring which is perfect to celebrate your engagement to your own Prince Charming!