3 Secrets to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Even Bigger (Than It Really Is)


When Beyonce told us to put a ring on it, we’re pretty sure she wasn’t talking about a small one. Yes, we know size isn’t everything. But, sigh, let’s face it. Everyone at some point dreams of a huge ring. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a huge rock to show to the gals over brunch? Or perhaps a little big something to spark some friendly ring envy in the office?

We think so! So here are three shopping tips that will help make your engagement ring look bigger than it actually is. If your goal is ginormous, then definitely read on.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the largest Engagement Ring possible within your budget?

1. Pick an elegant but thin band.

Our eyes are trained to size things on a comparative basis. Two skyscrapers side by side do not appear as massive until you see a smaller building next to it. The same concept applies to your ring. Going for a thinner band will make your diamond ring appear larger than it is. This means staying away from elaborate bands or multiple stacked bands. Additional tip: if you’re after the pave band style, opt for micropave that is inset in order to maximize the appearance of your diamond.

halo pave cushion diamond engagement ring

2. Skip the sidestones, and perhaps consider a halo.

Building off our first tip, don’t stop just at the band. Keep your ring setting in the right proportions too. This means staying away from three-stone rings, five-stone rings, baguette sides and other chunkier sidestones. Leverage how the naked eye compares objects. Know that the same sized diamond will appear bigger as a solitaire setting versus a setting with baguette sidestones. If you’re after an even larger appearance, consider a halo. Halos come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Even a double halo. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with your halo, since at some point it will detract from the center diamond.

halo round hearts and arrow pave engagement ring

3. Go alternative, choose a colored stone.

The pop of color makes the centerstone stand out and appear larger than it is. Also, since colored stones are less frequently seen, the novelty of the look makes the ring seem bigger. If you’re bold enough to step away from the traditional diamond, you have a ton of options these days. There are rare gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds or there are colored diamonds.

rose gold blue sapphire vintage engagement ring

If you’re after a large engagement ring, these tips should help. Best of luck!

Photo credit: Jose Villa Prata (cover), Michael Segal, Jemma Keech, Craig and Eva Sanders