3 Reasons To Skip Ring Shopping Together


Should you go ring shopping with your significant other? Sure, why not. Sounds like a good idea (insert smiley face). We all can use a little push in the right direction, yeah? But before you rush out to go shopping with your beau, here are few things to consider first. It might sound harmless, but shopping together might not be something you want to do just yet. Here are 3 reasons why you should not go ring shopping together.

1. No More Surprises

Remember your first date with your darling? The first time your love reached over and stole a kiss? Good memories right. It’s always amazing to be caught off-guard. We tend to love the unexpected and the thrill that comes from it. If you’re the type to swoon over the thought of your darling at your front door with flowers in hand, you should not ring shop together. You like to be surprised. Do not rob yourself of this joy. Ring shopping destroys the element of surprise. Sure he can still catch you off guard, but you will know what’s coming.


2. Awkward Song and Dance

Ring shopping is quite the experience! Bright lights. Sales people dressed to the nines. Great service. And lots of pretty rings everywhere. But fair warning, it can sometimes get awkward. Putting aside all the pretties (and there are lots of pretties), the whole money thing can be weird to talk about with your future fiancé-to-be.  Does your darling’s expectations align with yours? Do you share the same budget goals? Add to that the pressure from a professional sales person and things can get strange quickly. Discussing money can spoil the romance-laced dreams about that special day, and this day is supposed to be romantic isn’t it?


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3. Potential Disappointment

As much as we tell ourselves not to get our hopes up, ring shopping sets lofty expectations. It’s hard not to have some of these thoughts float through your head after you go ring shopping. “I hope my sweetie chooses the first one we saw and not one of the later ones we were shown.” “It’s going to happen any day now!” Why set yourself up for disappointment. Some things are better left as a surprise.


photo credit kayla barker

4. Missed Opportunity to Impress

This is your darling’s time to shine. Let your love impress you with how well he or she knows you. This has nothing to do with the size of the ring but how well you know our taste and style. Don’t sell your darling short. Don’t miss the opportunity to be swept off your feet again. and impressed by how much your darling knows you inside and out.


photo credit kayla barker

Take Your Time. Make Your Own Decision

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of romance and surprise proposals. Your engagement ring is the ultimate sign of your love and commitment to each other. Let your darling sweep you completely off your feet. Skip the ring shopping and elevate the romance!

Photo credit: Getty Images and Kayla Barker