3 Amazing Engagement Ring Styles You Need to Know


You thought it would never happen. (But hurrah, it finally did!) Your significant other has finally been dropping hints and asking way too many casual questions about what kinds of engagement rings you like. He comments on rings in store windows and makes offhanded remarks about celebrity styles. He might be getting ready to pop the question, but he clearly needs some direction.

A lot of us women grow up dreaming of the perfect engagement ring. But now that the time has come, perhaps you’re not quite sure what exactly you want. Looking for some inspiration which you can pass on to your soon-to-be fiancé? Here are 3 chic styles to consider.

Rose Gold

Fads quickly fade in and out of popularity … but classic trends are never forgotten. Such is the case with rose gold! For decades, it has been a style-maven favorite. We’re excited to see this year, a huge re-appearance of rose gold. There is good reason it keeps coming back, and that is that it looks amazing with warm skin tones. This is the perfect choice if you have an autumn palette!


Contemporary Halos

The halo design is a classic; the smaller diamonds make the focal diamond look bigger and frame it beautifully. This year we are seeing a lot of contemporary twists. Examples include different types of metal (a rose gold halo on a white gold ring for example), or alternating gemstones.


Colorful Accents

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to invite other gemstones to the party. Rings with a splash of color in the form of sapphire, ruby, or emerald accent gems are very popular this year.


These are just a few of the most breathtaking new engagement ring styles Ladies, now you have a few ideas for hints you can drop the next time your boyfriend starts asking those awkward veiled questions. And gents, if your lady is leaving you clueless, you have an idea where to start your search for the perfect ring!

Photo credit: Catherine Guidry, Jemma Keech, Google Images, Sarah Der Photography