24 Stunningly Delicate Engagement Rings That Are Too Good To Be True

Can’t quite decide on a look for your engagement ring?  For a classic look which works well on any finger type, you cannot beat the simple airy elegance of a stunningly delicate thin-band engagement ring.  Thin-band engagement rings come in an array of exquisite styles: rose gold, round, pear, vintage and more.  Pear thin-band engagement rings do a particularly wonderful job making your fingers look longer.  Never showy, they are always dazzling in their understated allure.

Tell us which ones are your favorites and happy pinning! Don’t forget you can always find more inspiration on the Reverie Engagement Ring Registry Gallery. What’s an Engagement Ring Registry you ask? Good question, click the link to watch our explainer video! Enjoy the collection we’ve curated and happy pinning!

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