18 Breathtaking Ring Selfies (#ringenvy warning!)

We like selfies. There. We said it, no biggie. But you know what’s even better…an amazing ring selfie! There’s nothing like losing yourself on the internet and pouring over ring selfie after ring selfie.

We’ll admit, it’s a guilty pleasure. But if you’er anything like us, you probably share that guilty pleasure with pride. So we put together a compliation of some of our favorite, awe-inspiring (and ring envy invoking) ring selfies. Enjoy, ladies!

1. Closeup ring selfies.

www.alaghband.ir 12716748_1694477787499654_1053412434_n

alilxstar 1208233_932426763512053_908524692_n

ohsoperfectproposal 13256983_742401969233085_1843356150_n
alaghband, alilxstar, ohsoperfectproposal

2. Beach ring selfies.

ringselfies 10472023_990242937678556_2107674370_n

foreverclarity 13381189_559893300848922_1620206637_n

joanna1123 13743633_315187608822834_141928048_n
ringselfies , foreverclarity , joanna1123

3. City view ring selfies.

lisakarvellas 11809906_1153047274729544_1379940360_n

ringselfies 12783267_956203327789694_1365118779_n

linseynl 12501894_1014718501928394_15268525_n
lisakarvellas , ringselfies , linseynl

4. Fashion ring selfies.

www.gemhunt.co 13768126_1645764695737158_944230998_n

www.classiccreations.com 13720544_10206738236558443_1914911598_o

theclearcut 13768359_321129158219113_901344658_n

stephaniegottlieb , classiccreationsjewellers , theclearcut

5. Car ring selfies.

_labellavitaxxo 10554139_1739992842904205_555377637_n

iamkielalegria 11191068_392883577562167_1548947350_n

alishalynn_ 13743355_1139347406108458_1601619844_n
_labellavitaxxo , iamkielalegria , alishalynn_

6. Ring selfies with your sig-o

ringintheair 13744025_934265180013529_74168848_n

dtara_f 13256564_636796276484863_1958812863_n

dmjprods.com 13718135_10206738234278386_1581158386_o
ringintheair , dtara_f , drephoto3

Do you have your own ring selfie that you’d like to add to the list? We want to see! Tag us on Instagram or send us a note to have it featured in our gallery of ring selfies. Help fufill our guilty pleasure and send them our way!