18 Amazing Ornate Engagement Rings That Will Make You Say “I Want That!”

Looking for a luxurious engagement ring that causes jaws to drop? We all agree that the average engagement ring is in it’s own right, beautiful. But what if you want a show-stopper engagement ring? Something that instantly catches eye-balls and sparks conversations. Well if you’re looking for a stunning and unique engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re familiar with the saying, the devil is in the details, we like you already. At Reverie, we’re all about intricate details and ornate designs. From the most stunning carriage designs with pierced openwork to ornate double halo to surprise diamonds. We’ve gathered up our favorite awe-inspiring engagement rings for you to feast your eyes over.

Tell us which ones are your favorites and happy pinning! Don’t forget you can always find more inspiration on the Reverie Engagement Ring Registry Gallery. What’s an Engagement Ring Registry you ask? Good question, click the link to watch our explainer video! Enjoy the collection we’ve curated and happy pinning!

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